Distinguishing talent

The 90,000 Ferrovial professionals represent a culture based on excellence, innovation, safety, integrity and collaboration. The value of each professional is, quite simply, the value of Ferrovial.

In 2019, as a response to its strategy of listening to its employees, Ferrovial launched an opinion poll for its entire workforce, in which 6,866 employees participated. The results showed a notably high rate of commitment at 79%, and a favourable perception of the health and safety culture, at 80%. The attributes with the highest percentage of positive responses included the following:


(% of positive answers)


    Training is one of the levers for developing internal talent. The SUMMA Corporate University, which has now existed for 12 years, offers solutions for ongoing learning and promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals. The number of training hours received in 2019 was 885,947 of which 55,660 were at SUMMA. Total investment in training amounted to 26.24 M€ (SUMMA is included).

    The professional development of employees is also a priority. In 2019, 29,457 conducted evaluation and development processes, as well as succession plans that have enabled to identify 403 potential candidates for the critical positions of 167 identified.

    Employee mobility is also a means of promoting talent. The company has the Global Mobility Portal – a job bank – in which employees can consult all vacancies existing around the world. The 15,785 registered job offers received 417,065 candidates, with an internal coverage of 16%.


    Given that attracting the best young talent is one of the ways to ensure the future of the company, Ferrovial has 29 dedicated programs lasting between three months and three years to draw young and recent graduates.

    Inspire the new generations in STEM vocations means ensuring the future need for key talent, while contributing to employability in the countries where the company operates. In Spain, together with the Junior Achievement Foundation, and through the OrientaT programme, a total of 59 volunteers from Ferrovial were taught in various workshops at educational centres to develop the skills required in the labour market for technical professions. Other featured programmes are run in the United Kingdom, where the subsidiary Amey participates in the Girlguiding STEM programme, and where some professionals from Ferrovial Agroman United Kingdom have been certified as STEM Ambassadors.

    “Ferrovial offered the most complex and complicated projects as well as giving graduates the chance to take on as much responsibility as they can handle – with guidance and support, of course. To me that sounded like signing up to a life school – the bigger the challenge the bigger the learnings”.

    MOHAMMED BOLBOL, Graduate Civil Engineer, Heathrow Q6

    “Ferrovial is a very diverse place to work and the culture is one of hard work and drive to deliver challenging projects to the client’s satisfaction. I started at Ferrovial Agroman as a summer placement and by the end of my three months, I felt like I had so much more I still wanted to learn and this would be the perfect place to do so”.

    KARACHI OGBONNA, Graduate Quality Engineer, Heathrow Q6


    At Ferrovial achievements and merit are rewarded in a fair and transparent manner. One of the main objectives within the diversity strategy is fostering an inclusive culture. Among other lines of action, this exercise has put focus on unconscious bias training on a global level.

    In addition, the wage gap is analysed at regular intervals. In the case of Spain, following the adoption of the Equality Act in 2007, equality plans were signed with the main union federations in the sector which perform wage diagnostics.

    The wage gap, published in the Annex to this report, can be explained primarily by the current percentage of women in the company as a whole, by the type of positions they hold in line with the sectors in which we operate and by the current gender distribution in different professional categories.

    In this regard, Ferrovial was included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for fostering an environment of equal opportunities, its measures of flexibility and conciliation in accordance with applicable legislation and the conditions in each country, and for its ongoing work to achieve an inclusive environment, as reflected in the employee opinion poll.


    Ferrovial runs the “WOW project: New Ways of Working”, which is the Office suite 365 adoption plan as a tool for collaborative work, and it is part of the digital transformation strategy Play the future, which aims to develop digital competences of employees through training programmes: drones, Internet of Things, 3D printing, big data, artificial intelligence, user experience, digital skills, Office 365 and mobility of the future.

    In one year, the number of employees that use it in their day-to-day digital tools has multiplied by six, which facilitates the reduction of the digital divide and makes the work more efficient, secure, flexible and collaborative.